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We have created a password protected private forum so people with epilepsy can talk to others with epilepsy privately within our forums. The information we request from you will not be shared with anyone outside the Empowering Epilepsy Community. It is only used to verify that you qualify to be a part of this forum. Only people with epilepsy and their families will be permitted to participate in the appropriate categories.

Current forums available to registered users:

If you would like to be a part of our discussion, please register here. If you’re already registered, simply login to access all any of our forums. You can post and your posts can remain private.

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    • Adults with Epilepsy
      This forum is for people aged 18 and older with epilepsy. Appropriate discussions can include types of seizures, handling seizures, medication, how you feel about seizures, handling family, friends and co-workers and more.
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    • Seniors with Epilepsy
      Seizures are very prevalent in seniors. People over age 65 experience seizures, but their case of epilepsy may be mistaken for Dementia or Alzheimers. The most popular seizures in seniors are those you cannot see. They include:
      • Absence Seizures - the person experiencing it stares into space for about 15 seconds, and then is back to normal.
      • Complex Partial Seizures - the person experiencing the seizure stares into space, swallows hard, fumbles with their clothes, or walks around aimlessly.
      • Myoclonic Seizures - the person experiences a shock like jerk in one part of the body. During the seizure the person is still able to think clearly and is awake
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    • Types of Seizures
      With over 40 different types of seizures, the symptoms can vary widely. Discuss the similarities and differences of what you are experiencing when a seizure takes place.
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    • Veterans and Epilepsy
      Many veterans are diagnosed with epilepsy after experiencing a Traumatic Brain Injury while serving in the armed forces. Meet other veterans who share your experiences and discover how they are managing their seizures and empowering their lives.
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