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Epilepsy In the Workplace

At our first Empowering Epilepsy: Empower Your Life Conference, Civil Rights and Employment Attorney Cathleen Bolek, from Bolek,  Besser and Glesius, LLC,  discussed the various state and federal laws that protect individuals with epilepsy in the workplace. She addressed the following common questions:

  • When are you required to tell your employer about your medical condition?
  • Is epilepsy a “disability” under the law?
  • Can your employer treat you differently because of a fear that you may have a seizure at work?
  • When must you share medical information with your employer, and when may your employer ask for it?
  • Can your employer require you to have a medical examination?
  • What accommodations are you entitled to in the workplace?
  • How should you respond to workplace harassment and discrimination?
  • What remedies are available if an employer illegally discriminates against you?

She has also spoken to local neurologists to help them navigate through the required forms to complete to best represent their patients with epilepsy issues in the workplace.

To learn more about Epilepsy in the Workplace, click on the Epilepsy in the Workplace Link below to view Ms. Bolek’s presentation.


Ms. Bolek has been an advocate for the employment rights of disabled employees for more than twenty years. She is a referral source for the Jeanne A. Carpenter Epilepsy Legal Defense Fund through the Epilepsy Foundation, and has represented many individuals with epilepsy over the years.

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