About Us

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Empowering Epilepsy was founded in 2014 by people in Cleveland, Ohio directly affected by epilepsy and their families. While looking for support, many people with epilepsy found limited resources and help outside of their neurologist’s office. Empowering Epilepsy’s goal is to create and maintain a caring community that empowers people with epilepsy and their families to  proactively manage their seizures and take charge of their lives.

We hold annual events including Purple Day Parties in both Cleveland and Akron, Art Therapy Program for adults and families, a team in the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, IEP Clinics to help children with epilepsy be more successful in school, and Pottery Painting Parties to celebrate Epilepsy Awareness Month in November. We run monthly support groups with personalized Empowering Epilepsy Restorative Yoga in Northeast Ohio, and participate in health and wellness fairs to empower people with epilepsy to reach their goals and help them realize they are not alone. We are also focused on educating the general public about epilepsy, seizures, and the centuries old stigma that can be defeated by providing accurate and up to date information.

Ultimately, our goal is to open a respite center for people with epilepsy and their families where they can gather to find proactive ways to lessen their seizures, meet others who understand epilepsy, take classes, listen to speakers, and discover resources and opportunities to empower their lives.

Vision Statement

To enable people with epilepsy to take charge of their lives.